银河app官方下载1.经历:undergo, experience, go through

2.感激:appreciate, be grateful/thankful to

3.认为,宣称:believe, insist, maintain, hold, argue, assert, declare, claim

4.容纳:admit, accommodate, contain, hold, seat

5.适合:be suited to, be suitable for, be fit for


银河app官方下载6.处理:deal with, do with, cope with, handle

银河app官方下载7.记住:bear sth. in mind, learn sth. by heart

8.充当:act as, serve as, work as, function as

9.确保:see to it that, make sure that, ensure that

银河app官方下载10.当心:watch out, look out, take care, be careful


11.表明:indicate, suggest, show, imply, make clear

12.依靠:depend on, rely on, be dependent on, count on

13.总计:total to, come to, amount to, add up to, reach

14.熬夜:stay up, sit up, be up late/ far/ deep into the night

15.考虑:take account of, take sth. into account/consideration


银河app官方下载16.建立:establish, found, build, create, set up, put up

17.说服:persuade sb. into doing sth., persuade sb. to do sth

银河app官方下载18.厌烦:be bored with, be fed up with, be tired of, be sick of

银河app官方下载19.发生:happen, occur, come about, take place, go on, break out

银河app官方下载20.控制:bring sth .under control, take control of, have power over


银河app官方下载21.替代:replace, stand for, substitute for, take the place of, represent

银河app官方下载22.区分:identify, distinguish…from…,distinguish the difference between…and…

23.完成:fulfill, accomplish, finish, complete, get through with sth, go through with sth.

银河app官方下载24.重视:pay more attention to, lay emphasis on, attach importance/significance to

银河app官方下载25.反对:be against, oppose, object to, be opposed to, argue against, make a stand against


银河app官方下载26.参加:take, join in, take part in, get involved in, participate in, go in for

银河app官方下载27.赞成:be for, favor, in favor of, approve of, be on one’s side, argue for, take a stand for

28.导致:cause, lead to, result in, bring about, contribute to, account for, give birth to, give rise to

29.喜欢:be fond of, enjoy, take pleasure in, be interested in, take interest in, be keen on, be addiction to, be hooked on, have a passion for, have a great enthusiasm for, have a preference for

30.做调查:conduct/carry out a survey/ an investigation


银河app官方下载31.有害于:do damage to, be harmful to, be bad for

32.致力于:bend/ devote/apply/commit/offer oneself to doing sth.

银河app官方下载33.有益于:do good to, benefit, be of benefit to, be beneficial to

银河app官方下载34.开始做:go about doing, set about doing, get down to doing, set out to do

35.尽全力:do one’s best, spare no effort, make every effort, do everything that sb. can, go all out, strain every nerve


36.高度评价:speak highly of, sing high praise for

37.解决问题:solve/settle/fix/work out the problem

银河app官方下载38.由…组成:consist of, be made up of, be composed of

银河app官方下载39.照顾:care for, take care of, look after, attend to, tend on

银河app官方下载40.对…有影响:affect, influence, have an impact/effect/influence on/upon


银河app官方下载41.提出问题:bring forward/put forward/raise/come up with/bring up a problem

银河app官方下载42.有吸引力:attract, appeal to, be appealing to, be attractive to, be attracted to

银河app官方下载43.对…负责:be in charge of, take charge of, be responsible for, take responsibility for

44.把…当成:see/view/regard/treat/consider/think of…as…

银河app官方下载45.达成协议:make/reach/arrive at/come to/work out an agreement, make terms, come to terms


46.充分利用:make full use of, make the most of, take advantage of, make the best of

47.留下印象:impress sth. on sb., impress sb with, make/leave a deep impression on sb.

银河app官方下载48.全神贯注:center/focus/ concentrate on, fix one’s attention on, put one’s heart into, be absorbed/buried/lost/engaged/occupied in

49.与…有联系:be associated/linked/connected with, be related to, have sth.to do with

50.做事有困难:have difficulty/trouble(in)doing sth., have trouble/difficulty with sth.


51.担心:be worried about, be concerned about, be anxious about

52.耗尽:use sth, up, run out of sth, sth give out, exhaust

银河app官方下载53.满足需求:meet/satisfy/suit/fulfill/cater to one’s need

54.摆脱…的习惯:kick/break/get out of/fall out of the habit of doing sth.

55.促进…的发展:accelerate/promote/stimulate/advance the development of sth.


56.提高…的意识:raise/increase/sharpen/strengthen/ awake/arouse people’s awareness of

57.养成…的习惯:form/fall into/ get into/pick up/develop/slide into the habit of doing sth.

银河app官方下载58.与…和谐相处:live in harmony with, be at peace with, live in peace with, get on/along well with

59.面临困难:be faced with, face, confront, encounter difficulty

60.坚持:stick,adhere, cling










68.避开;避免:avoid,shun, escape


银河app官方下载70.使震惊;使惊奇:surprise,startle, astound, astonish



71.重要的: important, significant, vital, key

银河app官方下载72.古代的;陈旧的:ancient,archaic, antique, aged

银河app官方下载73.充足的,丰富的: adequate, abundant, sufficient

74.明显的: obvious, apparent, remarkable

75.消极的: harmful, negative, damaging, detrimental

银河app官方下载76.大量的: a host of, a vast number of, a vast amount of, a great deal of

77.共同的;通用的:common, universal

78.邻近的:near, adjacent , adjoin

79.精确的:accurate, precise, exact

银河app官方下载80.最高的;最优的:top,peak, summit

81.初级的;基本的:primary, radical, fundamental

银河app官方下载82.勤勉的: hard-working, industrious

83.费力的: difficult, arduous

84.贫瘠的: poor, barren, infertile




银河app官方下载87.永久的:forever,perpetual, immutable



90.湿润的;潮湿的:wet,moist, damp, humid


银河app官方下载91.特别的;具体的:typical,characteristic, distinctive,representative



94.怀疑的:dubious,skeptical, doubtful, questionable

银河app官方下载95.吸引人的:attractive,appealing, absorbing

96.常见的,普遍的: usual, common, regular, widespread, typical, universal, prevalent



97.好处:advantages, strengths, merits

98.坏处: disadvantages, weaknesses, the weak points

银河app官方下载99.原因: reason, factor, cause

100.发展: development, progress, growth, advancement


101.能力: ability, power, skill, capacity, competence

102.多样性: diversity, difference, variety, range

银河app官方下载103.方法;方式:method,means, way, process

104.压力: stress, burden, pressure, tension, strain

105.竞争;比赛:competition,rival, opponent

106.名声;名望:fame,prestige, reputation

107.热情:enthusiasm,zeal, fervency



银河app官方下载110.无秩序;混乱:disorder,disarray, chaos

银河app官方下载111.职业: job, career, employment, vocation, position, profession,occupation

银河app官方下载112.观点:opinion,perspective, standpoint



银河app官方下载113.急剧地:dramatically, sharply, hugely, markedly, drastically, significantly

114.平稳地: steadily, smoothly, gradually, moderately

银河app官方下载115.大约: about, almost, nearly, roughly, approximately


116.毫无疑问地: doubtlessly, undoubtedly, unquestionably, beyond any shadow of the doubt



119.只有;仅仅;唯一:only,unique, distinctive