A Quora user asked: What are the best romantic relationship ? And then people shared their tried-and-true tips.

1. Keep a secret running list of stuff you partner wants to do or have.
1. 偷偷记下另一半想要的东西和想做的事情。

Then, on a special occasion or when you have the money, take that special weekend trip, buy that nifty thing.

2. After a fight go for walk and hold hands.
2. 吵架之后牵着手一起散步。

Conversations are easier to have when you’re side-by-side rather than facing one another. Plus, can you really stay mad at someone when their hand is in yours?

3. Use a silly to ease during a fight or tough conversation.
3. 在吵架或争执时使用一些你们两人才懂的暗语来缓解气氛。

Make a deal that if one of you says your secret code word, you’ll both stop arguing, hug, and find a solution. Chiminychonga!

4. Date your longterm partner like you’re still in the honeymoon stage.
4. 跟已是老夫老妻的另一半来一场初恋般、蜜月期的约会。

Pretend that you’re new to each other that you still have to work hard at being an awesome partner (even though you’ve already landed them).

5. When you’re together, give them your full attention.
5. 两人在一起的时候,要把全部注意力都放在对方身上。

Like don’t even scroll through your instas. Make your person feel heard by really listening.
比如不要不停地用手机刷in stagrams,而要真正通过倾听来了解和关心对方。

6. Plan .
6. 主动计划。

Schedule in days of doing fun stuff you wouldn’t normally do like building a blanket or having an indoor campfire or going on a bike ride.

7. Say thank you constantly even for small stuff.
7. 即使是小事情也要常说谢谢。

Look, even though they’re minor tasks, no one wants to replace the toilet paper roll or hang up your shirts. Just let your partner know you appreciate their contribution to your little world.

8. If you don’t really care about a thing, don’t argue about it.
8. 如果你真的不在意一件事情,就不要因此争执。

Let little stuff go and only make it a thing if it’s something truly important to you.

9. Give gifts.
9. 为TA想做的事情创造条件。

If you partner has always wanted to learn tap dancing or go sky diving or travel solo but is too scared to take the leap or spend the money, show them your support and encouragement by gifting them the experiences they want.

10. Be the to your partner’s .
10. 为你的另一半排忧解难。

It feels damn when your partner goes out of their way to let you know they love the very thing about us we’re worried is weird or bad or flawed.

11. Give praise.
11. 不要吝啬你的夸奖。

Tell you’re partner how proud you are they got something done, took a step, faced a challenge, etc., no matter how small.